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I guess a personal website maybe the NO. Actually, a personal website serves far more than that. Usually, personal website can be classified into main 5 types due to the features and purposes. If you are still hungry for personal website de inspiration, keep reading. In fact, personal website presents a variety of different de styles and functions. For example, portfolio and blog, work experience and portfolio. Some are one with minimal and clean style, some use bright and vibrant colors.

Anyway, hope you like the 25 personal website de examples. What you can get here:Portfolio, Blog. It clear shows what Devon does one the clean and neat welcome interface. The video are appealing and presents his skills and work experience just right. With the blog and portfolio, his site can leave visitors a great impression. What you can get here: Resue, Portfolio, Personal brand. This is a typical personal website.

We searched the web for the best websites for women. here are 10 of our favorite finds that we will definitely be following.

There are plenty good-looking logos and clickable links shows his de and development skills and leading visitors to a more wonderful world with detailed information. Check this one out and leave your document away. What you can get here:Portfolio. The simple personal website uses blue as the background with word in white, and presents a clean and simple welcome interface.

2. personal website de for blogs

His choice of color in UI de is pretty wise. What you can get here:Personal brand. Thalida is a Senior Software Engineer. Lucid Dreamer. She is a queer Trinidadian-American cisgender woman of color. On the welcomeshe divides the into 2, the left is static while the right part can scroll sown to see her education, projects and work experience. She uses yellow highlighted words to draw attention. What you can get here:.

What does it take to create an effective website? some key features are:

This is a concise description on his welcome. Pretty clean and all in one color background is in good-looking.

Besides, I personally like the font. By the way, more fonts materials : Package of 1, google fonts.

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What you can get female personal web pages Bolg. Miss Thrifty is one of the mort popular frugal blogs in the UK. Miss Thrifty is targeting young mums with her money saving, frugal tips and articles. They may have had to give up work and are now relying on just one wage coming in, so the need to be more frugal with everyday living is a must.

UXer Talks. What you can get here: Blogs, Portfolio, Online shop. He has been making websites since His personal website de including a blog, online shop and the work of him. A holy mixing of promotion and presentation of his work. The color scheme is nice and soft, and the light green feels like nature. What you can get here: Blog.

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Thuis is a dark-schemed one r professional personal website, which is the coffee-tasting journal of deer Tobias Reich. Really like this smart layout and nice touch including coffee facts between sections. What you can get here: Blog, Personal brand. Jasmine Star is a popular blog about branding and marketing, meant for helping creative entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams.

The founder of the blog, Jasmine Star, is a branding and marketing strategist who wants to help people create a profitable business and, thus, make a real difference in their lives. What you can get here: Blog, Commercial. This is a travel themed blog, which consistent branding helps visitors easily navigate the site.

Visitors can go through around the site by the easily and explore sections beyond the blog freely. The color usage is warm and neutral and maintain a clean interface. What you can get here: Portfolio, Studio, Personal brand. Brett is a deer, developer, and creative director that specializes in creating software products. But i really love the colorful video below which containing his wonderful de works.

What you can get here: Portfolio, Personal brand. Just love how the contact form lo up and also how the send button appears only once you click in the message area. Also great touch with the logo transition into down arrow. You can scroll to view his excellent works of de. What you can get here: Bolg, Portfolio, Personal brand. Matin is a UX Deer in Canada. He likes to have a variety of showcases on every topic and bring ideas into wireframe and prototype and handing them into the hand of a great graphic deer and coders to create the final product.

The One r features interesting sorting and filter functionality.

2. angie makes

Without one single images, pretty simple and clean. Nice touch with the random positioning female personal web pages contact information every time you click the symbol bottom right. Excellent color contrast to form a clean and simple one personal website. With usable click to reach out for all kinds of different media platforms.

Sacha Greif is a deer, developer, and entrepreneur from Paris, France but these days lives in Osaka, Japan. Say hello, or keep scrolling to explore with different color scheme to check out female personal web pages Bio, Code, Projects, Writing, Podcast, etc. Nice fonts to make words vivid. What you can get here: Personal brand, Blog.

17 examples of fabulous about me s by female bloggers

Clean, spacious personal One r for deer, coach and speaker, Nicole Saidy. The Singe site featuring a lovely moving particle background effect and a Behance feed acting as a portfolio section. I spend most of my time on the road with a mission to inspire people about de. What you can get here: Portfolio, Blog, Personal brand. Minimal personal for UX deer, Ana Santos. Neat little touch loading up the contact form with a subtle parallax as your scroll.

Ana is a Manchester based UX Deer, she wanted something minimalist to showcase her experience and links while update her portfolio. Joe McNally is a photography blog founded by one of the best and most influential photographers in the world.

Joe McNally is an award-winning photographer who has been shooting for National Geographic Society almost all of his life. Great to a see an established theme shop using a Singe website to showcase everything they do — including testimonials, awards, theme collection, blog feed and contact details.

6 of the world’s best personal brand websites

Super impressive multi-directional parallax scrolling preview in this One r for Mayday Magazine. The Landing also features neat Shopify integration for magazine checkout without leaving the. Lots of flavour and a slick e-commerce integration for his paintings.

Good work. s are full, ran out of time, clients are nagging, friends are traveling, waves are flat, vacation is needed. Great, another hobby! I am spent.

1. amy’s healthy baking

The most special thing is the usage of quality photography and visuals to assist in the telling of her lengthy stories. What you can get here: Demo, Portfolio, Blog, Personal brand. Timothy Hoang is a pharmacist to Front End Developer. Portfolio and demos are keep in good check to present a picture galleries. Click the demo action you can see his wonderful de works. Hope you like the above 1 0 personal website de examples and resources.

Nowadays, you can use various website builder to create a website effortlessly.