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There was probably a district of sin in Milwaukee before it even became a city.


The fact that this area had become a political problem byprostitutes in milwaukee Milwaukee was in the midst of a transition from a rugged western outpost to a proper city, suggests that the district had most likely established itself during the early days of the village, as single, laboring men were drawn to the rapidly growing area. The district was as much a working neighborhood as any in the city and was perhaps home to the only industry in Milwaukee that was managed primarily by women.

And, while it was an industry patronized by men from all classes including politicians and business leadersits illicit nature did incite a spree of moral panicking that led to occasional raids and arrests—though jail terms appear to have been rare. The result of this new policy was a part of the city in which prostitution was essentially legal and regulated by police—just as with any other commercial trade.

Flamboyant David Rose, elected mayor inis often credited with making Milwaukee a wide-open town. But in reality, Rose merely oversaw the growth of an already steady niche industry.

He even added a few regulations of his own creation to the district, including restrictions on allowing prostitutes to ride with customers in open carriages on the city streets. Ina reform-minded Socialist administration was swept into office, partially on a pledge to do away with the existing policy on the Badlands.

Their drive made for a big show but was only marginally successful, as a state investigation into conditions of vice in Wisconsin found that the Badlands brothels were operating nearly as openly as ever, and that houses of prostitution—their keepers now favoring bribery over cooperation with city officials—had spread to nearly all parts of the city. It was not until the U. But this time, it was as a matter of public health and national security: A soldier who contracted venereal disease could not the war effort, and with houses of prostitution thought to be the primary source of such infections, cracking down on vice became part of the larger fight against tyranny.

In the post-war years, new forms of commercialized sex began to appear Downtown. Adult magazines and dirty novels could be found in bookstores and on newsstands, and a of hotels and restaurants became known as hot spots for both male and female prostitutes.

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Go-go bars, prostitutes in milwaukee shows and dirty book stores could be found in all corners of the former Badlands—even along the once-regal shopping district along west Wisconsin Avenue. In addition to the locals who patronized this area, there was also a continuous stream of customers from the Union Depot on St. Paul Avenue now the Intermodal Stationwhere conventioneers and sailors from the Great Lakes Naval Academy would arrive with money in their pockets and sin on their minds.

The most controversial aspect prostitutes in milwaukee this has been a near year-long fight against a proposed strip club on Old World Third Street. Mayor John Norquist and area business leaders opposed the idea, and the Milwaukee Common Council refused to grant the.

The proposed location of the club, N. Old World Third St. Just to the north of the Princess sat the Brass Rail Tavern, a go-go bar which some speculate had connections to Milwaukee organized crime. In recent years, the strip club debate has again come to center on this location. Silk Exotic—with locations at W. Old World Third location being the subject of several applications for a strip club from the city.

Old World Third in exchange for dropping their on-going suits. The week after the settlement, the city denied an application from the operators of The Ladybug Club, N. Water St. In late December, the owner of the building at N. Old World Third applied for the city permits necessary for renovating the interior of the building.

Neither the building owner nor Silk Exotic responded to requests for comment on the progress of the project. Friends of the Shepherd Help support Milwaukee's locally owned free weekly newspaper. Back to Search. News and Views.