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An escort and "her protection" escort cape coral 19 arrested in Florida after they apparently showed up to the wrong house.

Linda Elkins and Bosha Dawes, both 26, are facing loitering charges after Cape Coral Police said they showed up to a home on SE 10th Terrace and rang the doorbell just before 3 a. The couple who lives in the home called police. They told officers Dawes rang their doorbell with something white covering his face.

Elkins was with him. The couple then left, but came back shortly after before leaving again. I think they were seriously in fear for their life," Jones said.

Police were able to catch up with Dawes and Elkins, who first claimed not to know each other or why they were there. They said Elkins was wearing pink see-through lingerie, and she told police she's an escort off of Back. She told police Dawes is her driver and waits outside while she goes into homes "for protection. Elkins is also charged with using a false name, possession of marijuana, and had a warrant for her arrest out of Polk County for driving with a suspended.

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