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Sex workers and other content creators who use the OnlyFans platform to support their livelihoods are blaming actress Bella Thorne for changes in its terms of service that include caps and holds on payments.

Thorne, who posted on her own s that she did not offer nudity, told the Times that the screenshot of the supposed offer circulating blk top for another personal sex social media was falsified. Users who earn a ificant part of their income on OnlyFans blame Thorne for the new policies, which they say limit their ability to make money. OnlyFans said in a statement that the changes were not based on one user and that it aims to provide the best platform possible for its community.

Thorne posted a series of tweets Saturday saying she apologized if she had affected sex workers' ability to make money. She said she intended only to normalize sex work and intends to speak with OnlyFans about the new restrictions. I wanted to bring attention to the site, the more people on the site the more blk top for another personal sex of a chance to normalize the stigmas, And in trying to do this I hurt you.

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I have risked my career a few times to remove the stigma behind sex work, porn, and the natural hatred people spew OnlyFans is not only a platform for sex workers, giving a wide range of creators the opportunity to sell content to subscribers. It has also gained a reputation for offering a safe way for sex workers to earn money. Critics who blame Thorne for the new policies have accused her of scamming her subscribers and hurting creators who use the platform as a primary source of income.

Download the NBC News app for breaking news and alerts. Other users who have links to OnlyFans s and identify as sex workers also responded on Twitter, saying how frustrated they were with Thorne's ing the site and potentially inspiring massive changes when so many people in the community rely on it. Another user, who goes by the username missscarletthxo, asserted that thousands might suffer from what many see as the repercussions for Thorne's behavior.

Rebecca Madison, a sex worker from Vancouver, British Columbia, who has worked in the industry for the past 15 years, said she earns all her income on OnlyFans during the coronavirus pandemic after she lost her "traditional" job.

She has been able to live comfortably on her sole income from the site so far, but that might change soon.

So I might only feel comfortable charging a higher amount. For many in Madison's situation, it takes time to develop followings on OnlyFans after having worked in person for years. Madison said the website gave creators no notice about the changes, which hurt so many of them living from paycheck to paycheck.

Everyone that was already struggling. Madison said Thorne's apology does little to correct the situation, and she wondered whether Thorne's foray into the OnlyFans platform was merely a publicity stunt. Erika Heidewald, an OnlyFans creator, posted a thread on Twitter explaining the harm the reported changes created for sex workers.

Heidewald detailed how the platform can lose money in processing fees for refunds, which are provided if users are scammed, and how the changes to protect the platform in turn hurt creators. That's what's happening tocontent creators. ly, the funds you made on OF were only pending for a week, so most creators got paid at least once a week. Imagine suddenly going from a weekly paycheck to a monthly paycheck. That in a massive pay cut and only a monthly payday.

What does it mean to be sexually repressed?

Heidewald said in an interview that she moved to Los Angeles to work as an actress and musician but found that many in her personal networks were making good income from OnlyFans. She described her content on the website as lewd and sexy photos, and she found that the more she focused on OnlyFans rather than her other jobs, she was able to live more comfortably and worry less about rent.

She said the new changes, which creators got no warning about, had her panicked. In particular, she was worried about the day hold on transfers.

Sex workers blame bella thorne for changes at onlyfans that harm their income

Heidewald said that because so many OnlyFans creators have difficulty with the platform, they often withdraw their money as soon as possible in case their s are frozen or deleted. Although OnlyFans has said the new policies were not implemented as a result of just one user, Heidewald is skeptical because of the timing. Even if the platform had been considering the changes, it seems likely that they were accelerated by the incident involving Thorne, Heidewald said. But also, she never talked to people. She never did the research. Heidewald hopes that if and when more celebrities decide to OnlyFans, it happens in a way that does not push sex workers off the platform, as when Tumblr banned pornography years earlier.

And so people see it happening with OnlyFans," Heidewald said. She started using OnlyFans before the coronavirus pandemic, not after the pandemic began. IE 11 is not supported.

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