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Covid sex workers in kerala take the virtual sex route to stay afloat

Seventy-five per cent of Malayali men with whom I had interacted in my life do not regard women as their equal. Malayali men live their lives with an inherent certitude that women are very inferior beings. We do not come across this attitude in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Though in both these states, there is no recognition from the government, women engaged in sex work do enjoy partial recognition resulting from the existence of company houses with their supporting paraphernalia of petty thugs and gangsters.

Such women are not so easily dismissed as in Kerala. They are addressed more respectfully. In Tamil Nadu, they show a certain respect to Malayali women out malayali prostitute desire. Such differences in attitude can be seen in their approaches to sexual activity as well. People in Karnataka malayali prostitute not greedy about sex. At a pinch, this can be done even in the corner of a farm. When I was twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, as a single woman, I did not find it so difficult to find a house in Mangalapuram. It was not such a big deal to be seen chatting with your neighbour on the street for hours on end.

No hankering after sex. Nobody malayali prostitute knocking on your door at night. No pinching and grabbing.

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They are not afraid that their husbands would be stolen during the night. In Mysore, too, the situation was somewhat similar. Malayali prostitute money paid at toll booths, we have to keep giving. Just supply our needs and get lost. As far as women are considered, I think old times might have been better.

Sambandham relationships, which existed among Nairs, allowed Nair women the freedom to discontinue an existing marital relationship, and to malayali prostitute choose another person if she were so inclined. But this did not mean that any man could p that he had the liberty to enter into relationships with any Nair women. When I used to work in the mud quarry, there were two men — Thekkumpulli Balan and Pallivalappan Kuttappan — who were considered terrors in the area. We either avoided those spaces or else went as a group if we had to go there. Their most villainous activities were card games.

A sex worker on why malayali men are the worst to women

If any woman passed by, they would run after her to grab her breasts. This grabbing of the breasts was the most that they did. They never kidnapped or raped any woman.

They were worried about making her pregnant. They knew that if they did so, news will go around the village and that would bring them shame and humiliation. The image of cruel and ruthless villains sprung into existence in the Malayali psyche because of Balan K Nair, an malayali prostitute of yesteryear, who was invariably cast as the villain who raped women in almost all the movies in which he had acted.

Today, both in reel and real life, the nature of violence has changed.

The wealthiest among my clients hail from the business class. A friend of a well-known person once decided to help me economically. But he wanted to have a tryst with me by way of acknowledgment. He was a communist from Vadakara. He wanted to meet me, but not in Kerala.

Other state sex workers come in s to kerala under the guise of being relatives to labourers

Those from northern Kerala usually prefer going to Mangalore. Rents too are low. And there are more sex workers there. Just as you get cheap liquor in Mahe, the border town in Pondicherry, you get sex workers in Mangalore for much lower rates. Lodges are also cheaper and there is no threat of police raids. Men from Kozhikode prefer Mysore.

Mobile phones and sex work in south india: the emerging role of mobile phones in condom use by female sex workers in two indian states

Sex workers malayali prostitute Mysore have told me that Malayali men give them more money and more love — perhaps their behaviour changes once they change the state! Those from Thrissur leave for Pazhani. Tirunelveli is the preferred location of those from Kottayam, and Kanyakumari for the Thiruvanathapuram malayali prostitute. Since these are touristy locations, nobody bothers about a man and woman seen together. This is how our geography plays an accomplice to the sexual deceit of Malayali men. Very minor differences exist between men of different castes, religions or occupations in this matter.

When I was staying with Rosie in Vavannur, I had seen Muslims in that area treating sex workers with a slightly better sense of equality. They would treat us to good food.

They also wanted us to dress well. Once, I was wearing a skirt that was torn on one side. He told me that I should never wear torn clothes.

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While travelling in Delhi, Kolkata and Thailand, I was able to acquire a nuanced understanding of the stinginess and cruelty peculiar to Malayali men. I recall one such experience while travelling in Thailand. My friend Lalitha was my travelling companion. She could manage a little bit of Hindi. But she was dismissive about Muslims.

We were in a restaurant, having a drink. The table next to us was occupied by two Pakistanis. I raised my glass and said cheers to them.

They invited us to their table. Lalitha hesitated; she saw them as enemies. Yet they were ready to continue the conversation. We were together for half an hour or so.

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Another time, a friend of ours from Kolkata malayali malayali prostitute down with a fever and we had to rush her to the doctor. As soon as the doctors came to know of our profession, they refused even to touch her. In most public places in Kerala, we had to suffer scorn and humiliation. We were kept apart as though we were infected with some sort of contagious disease. Once, I was travelling in a bus from Mysore to Kozhikode. Evening had started creeping up when the bus began to descend along the Wyanad Ghat road.

The mist-covered mountains and valley offered a glorious sight. The person seated behind me leaned forward for a better view, and as he did so, he grazed my hand. I turned around and glared at him in anger. There might have been six to eight passengers in the bus, including myself. Seeing me glaring at him, the rest of the passengers thought that the guy must have groped me. But what was interesting is that all other passengers started reproaching me.

Even before understanding the whole situation, they started supporting the guy, saying that such things are bound to happen in a bus. A young man who was seated next to me attempted to explain what had happened. Immediately, all the other passengers turned upon him. So, you can keep your mouth shut. The argument continued till the bus reached Kozhikode.

Questioning the malayali's pseudo morality

It is doubtful whether she is a good woman! That day I learned the valuable lesson that a good wife is one who suffers such groping and pinches in silence. I had also come to realise that a woman who travels at odd hours malayali prostitute definitely considered a bad woman.