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Chronic arsenic poisoning following ayurvedic medication. Ayurveda, Indian traditional system of medicine, is practiced commonly in South East Asia and in many parts of the world. Many ayurvedic drugs contain heavy metals and may lead to metal toxicity.

Of these, chronic lead poisoning is the most common. Chronic arsenic poisoning following the use of ayurvedic medication, though reported, is rare. We describe three patients who presented with features of chronic arsenic poisoning following prolonged ayurvedic medication use.

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The diagnosis of chronic arsenic poisoning was confirmed by high arsenic levels in the blood, urine, hair, and nails in all the three patients and in ayurvedic drug in two patients. The ayurvedic medication was discontinued and treatment with D-penicillamine started. At 6 months after treatment, blood arsenic levels returned to normal with clinical recovery in all of them. Arsenic poisoning following ayurvedic medication is much less common than lead poisoningthough mineral ayurvedic medicines may lead to it.

We used D-penicillamine as chelator and all of them recovered. Whether withdrawal of medication alone or D-penicillamine also played a role in recovery is unclear and needs to be assessed. A retrospective review of the dermatologic manifestations of chronic arsenic poisoning in the Philippines. The Section of Dermatology of the University of the Philippines, Philippine General Hospital, reported a case of chronic arsenic poisoning from a community in Luzon island to the Department of Health resulting in the conduct of two health and environmental assessment missions in December To describe the demographic profile and cutaneous manifestations of chronic arsenic poisoning among affected residents in Luzon, Philippines.

A review of the medical records of residents screened during the health assessment missions in December was conducted. Among them, 52 were males and 29 were females with age range of years. Two cases of squamous cell carcinoma in situ were detected through skin biopsy. High levels of arsenic in the tap water and topsoil supported the occurrence of an epidemic of chronic arsenic poisoning. Specific dermatologic findings of arsenic keratoses and pigmentation were common among the residents screened.

ificantly higher occurrence of arsenic keratoses was seen in adults. Evaluation of chronic arsenic poisoning due to consumption of contaminated ground water in West Bengal, India. Chronic arsenic poisoning is an important public health problem and most notable in West Bengal and Bangladesh. In this study different systemic manifestations in chronic arsenic poisoning were evaluated. A nonrandomized, controlled, cross-sectional, observational study was carried out in Arsenic Clinic, Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Kolkata, West Escort service maanchen, over a period of 1 year 4 months.

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Special investigations included routine parameters and organ-specific tests. Arsenic levels in the drinking water, hair, and nail were measured in all. Twenty-five nonsmoker healthy controls were evaluated. Murshidabad and districts adjacent to Kolkata, West Bengal, were mostly affected.

Middle-aged males escort service maanchen the common sufferers. Restrictive abnormality in spirometry [11 Mucocutaneous and nail lesions, hepatomegaly, and restrictive change in spirometry were the common and ificant findings.

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Other manifestations were characteristic but inificant. Health hazards and mitigation of chronic poisoning from arsenic in drinking water: Taiwan experiences. There are two endemic areas of long-term exposure to arsenic from drinking water in Taiwan. Residents in the southwestern and northeastern endemic areas started using high- arsenic artesian well water in the early s and late s, respectively. Public water supply system escort service maanchen surface water was implemented in southwestern and northeastern endemic areas in the s and s, respectively. Systemic health hazards of long-term exposure to arsenic in drinking water have been intensively investigated since the s, especially after in Taiwan.

Several diseases have been well documented to be associated with chronic arsenic poisoning from escort service maanchen water showing a dose-response relation. They include characteristic skin lesions like hyperpigmentation or depigmentation, hyperkeratosis in palms and soles, and Bowen disease, peripheral vascular disease specifically blackfoot diseaseischemic heart disease, cerebral infarction, microvascular diseases, abnormal peripheral microcirculation, carotid atherosclerosis, QT prolongation and increased dispersion in electrocardiography, hypertension, goiter, diabetes mellitus, cataract specifically posterior subcapsular lens opacitypterygium, slow neural conduction, retarded neurobehavioral development, erectile dysfunction, and cancers of the skin, lung, urinary bladder, kidney, and liver.

The method of choice to mitigate arsenic poisoning through drinking water is to use safe drinking water from uncontaminated sources. Chronic arsenic poisoning in drinking water in Inner Mongolia and its associated health effects.

It is calculated thatpeople are currently at risk from arsenic poisoning. Clinical and epidemiological investigations were carried out on 13, people to ascertain the nature and degree of morbidity that occurred due to chronic arsenic toxicity. Other data recorded included subjective and objective symptoms, such as chronic cough During physical checkups of villagers in arsenic affected areas, liver function tests showed elevated globulin levels in 6.

Neurotoxicity manifesting as loss of hearing 5. To solve the problem of arsenic exposure, the quality of drinking water needs to be improved by reducing the arsenic content. We also plan to carry out a survey to detect the incidence and types of cancer among this population.

Aberrant methylation of nucleotide excision repair genes is associated with chronic arsenic poisoning. To define whether aberrant methylation of Escort service maanchen repair genes is associated with chronic arsenic poisoning.

Hundred and two endemic arsenicosis patients and 36 healthy subjects were recruited. Hypermethylation of ERCC1 and ERCC2 and concomitant suppression of gene expression escort service maanchen be served as the epigenetic marks associated with arsenic exposure and adverse health effects. Arsenic is an ubiquitous natural element.

Chronic and low level ingestion or inhalation may result in chronic arsenicism first characterized by skin changes. A escort service maanchen year old man, non-insulin-dependent diabetic, presented a diffuse hyperpigmentation with scattered white spots on the trunk. He complained of asthenia. Clinical diagnosis of chronic arsenicism was confirmed by arsenic determination in urine, plasma and phaneres.

Thorough investigations led to discover very high arsenic levels in the own wine of the patient. This was probably the result of a wrong use of sodium arsenite-based fungicide, for cultivating his vine yard. Chronic arsenicism has become rare but it should always be kept in mind. Clinical presentation, with particular cutaneous features and routes of exposure are reviewed. Treatment is symptomatic. As arsenic is known to be a strong carcinogenic agent, patients with chronic arsenicism have to be followed up during a long time.

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Evaluation of biochemical changes in chronic arsenic poisoning among Bangladeshi patients. An estimated 40 million people in Bangladesh have been suffering from arsenic toxicity-related diseases because of drinking water contamination with high levels of naturally occurring arsenic.

To evaluate the biochemical changes in chronic arsenic exposure, a total of exposed subjects diagnosed as arsenicosis patients were examined and interviewed, and unexposed volunteers were enrolled in this study.

Drinking water, urine and peripheral blood samples were collected from all participants and analyzed. The average levels of arsenic in the drinking water and spot urine samples of the arsenicosis patients were Prevalence of diabetes mellitus among chronic arsenic -exposed subjects was about 2.

The patients had ificantly lower levels of serum creatinine, 0. The mean level of inorganic phosphate in the serum of arsenicosis escort service maanchen was 6.

Evaluation of the lipid profiles showed while the levels of triacylglycerol were not much different, the patients had ificantly lower levels of cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol compared to the unexposed subjects. These findings suggest ificant changes in biochemical parameters in human arsenic toxicity. In addition to naturally occurring arsenicman-made arsenic -based compounds are other sources of arsenic exposure.

Inour group identified 12 suspected arsenicosis patients in a household 32 living members. Of them, eight members were diagnosed with skin cancer. Interestingly, all of these patients had lived in the household prior to An investigation revealed that approximately 2 tons of arsenic -based pesticides had been ly placed near a well that had supplied drinking water to the family from to No other high arsenic wells were found near the family's residence.

Based on these findings, it is possible to infer that the skin lesions exhibited by these family members were caused by long-term exposure to well water contaminated with arsenic -based pesticides.